Gene expression inside liposomes: from early studies to current protocols

Date: 19th March 2019

Efficient and accurate delivery of drugs in a biocompatible and biodegradable manner is part of our current medical advancement.  Liposomes offer one such solution, as spherical vesicles consisting of at least one lipid layer enclosing a water droplet they can carry drugs and other substance to tissues around the body.  They are also utilised as models for artificial cells, and form a crucial component of protein synthesis in micro-compartments.

This recent review published in Chemistry is dedicated to the analysis of historical and technical developments of protein synthesis inside liposomes.  Four of the current employed protocols are discussed with the focus directed at the successful realisation of the synthetic cells.  If you need to master liposome technology in particular the drop transfer method, this review may be for you…

Stano, P (2019). “Gene expression inside liposomes: from early studies to current protocols.” Chemistry – A European Journal (ja).