NeuroDotVR: A Neuro-Optical Diagnostics VR system

Date: 21st March 2019

Diagnosing and assessing visual disturbances can rely on large, cumbersome and often static machinery that can result in long set-up or measurement times and low signal qualities. Furthermore, the lack of mobility of current equipment can limit accessibility to patients especially to field-based trauma patients, such as those in the military.

To address this, NeuroFieldz Inc., a spin-out of North Western University Centre for Research Innovation, has designed the NeuroDotVR, a portable, easy-to-use device capable of monitoring brain activities in minutes for the diagnosis of visual and neurological disorders. Using a smartphone and a VR headset, an electrophysiological brain sensor called NeuroDot can measure neuroelectric potentials and fields following visual stimulation & preliminary data with case studies in amblyopia, glaucoma, and dark adaptation show promise and highlight its potential clinical applications.

With potential benefits across sensitivity, speed, customisation and portability, NeuroDotVR offers enticing promise as a disruptive, next generation neuro-opthalmic diagnostics system and clinical impact studies are currently underway.

Versek, C., A. Rissmiller, A. Tran, M. Taya, K. Chowdhury, P. Bex and S. Sridhar (2019). “Portable System for Neuro-Optical Diagnostics Using Virtual Reality Display.” Military Medicine 184(Supplement_1): 584-592.