AI commercial partnership accelerates drug discovery

AI accelerates drug screens

Date: 21st October 2019

It was less than two weeks ago we announced the launch of PercayAI, an augmented intelligence software company based in St Louis, US.

Now, building momentum, the latest news emerging from the new start-up company is of a strategic, commercial partnership with Canopy Biosciences®.

Canopy Biosciences founded in 2016, specialises in research tools for gene editing, gene expression, and bioprocessing and is also located in St. Louis, US.

The collaboration aims to bring insights into complex datasets together with a powerful union of genomics expertise, creating cutting-edge solutions to improve the speed, cost and success rate of diagnostic and drug development.

Canopy Biosciences, will couple their RNAseq and NanoString service with PercayAI’s CompBio™, a software that allows scientists to save time and resources by enabling the rapid generation of testable hypotheses from complex datasets, mimicking the thought process of the biological expert.

Together it is hoped to accelerate drug discovery and lead to better patient outcomes.  Delivering a new generation of breakthroughs and solutions made only possible through AI and machine learning.

For more information please read the press release