Using AI to empower strategic and operational teams across life sciences

AI empwers life science

Date: 18th November 2019

Data and intelligence are powering a new age of research and discovery.  Artificial intelligence (AI) offers us the potential to analyse, predict and develop ideas and solutions in a way that has never been possible and as such it is disrupting the way we view science and healthcare.

One visionary company OKRA, located in Cambridge, UK, is a leading provider of AI driven analytics for global life sciences.

OKRA’s AI technology delivers “suggestions, predictions and explanations to empower life sciences executives and operational teams to drive the right drug, to the right patient with humanised and understandable AI outputs”.

The OKRA engine processes real-world data, both structured and unstructured, and is informed by clinical, commercial and scientific literature.  This drives the right suggestions to the different teams across life sciences.

 The recent announcement that OKRA are to become one of Veeva partners, should see their AI systems made accessible to the large customer base of Veeva Systems.

Veeva Systems, a US-based cloud-computing company focused on pharmaceutical and life sciences industry applications provides solutions across data, software and services along with an extensive ecosystem of partners to support R&D and commercial ventures.

The partnership will see OKRA integrating its AI technology with Veeva’s CRM Suggestions; a sales dashboard which recommends the best actions and channels by using data science for improved sales effectiveness and better customer experience.

By integrating the two applications is hoped to support commercial teams in decision-making, providing them with all the evidence and information they need, together with the background knowledge behind those recommendations.

OKRA hopes the move will encourage wide-scale incremental adoption of AI within life sciences and will support strategic and operational teams.


For more information please see OKRA’s press release