UK government supports new tech with £133M investment

Date: 10th September 2019

The UK will see a significant investment from the government into new research aimed to progress diagnosis, treatment and increase care options for devastating diseases such as cancer, Parkinson’s and dementia.

NHS diagnostic service will receive £50 million, supporting the work of several Centres of Excellence in digital pathology and imaging with artificial intelligence. It is hoped this focus of the investment will develop further cutting edge products allowing faster and more accurate diagnosis.

Bioscience projects and technologies will receive £14 million and could see new vaccines being developed or innovative treatments for chronic illness and diseases being advanced.

One of four British projects to be funded through UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) will be the Nucleic Acid Therapy Accelerator, NATA, receiving £30 million.  Designing and developing new gene-base therapies to treat diseases such as cancer, Huntingdon’s and Parkinson’s it will advance precision genetic medicines offering new hope to patients.

The funding will unlock new treatments and improve healthcare for patients across the UK, which in turn may become more widespread in use. The heavy investment into pioneering, innovative technologies such as gene-based therapies and artificial intelligence underlies the value of these techniques in a clinical setting and are crucial for the UK to remain one of world scientific leaders.  For more information please read the press release.