Notable labs announces $40M funding to expand platform to more cancer types

Date: 16th July 2019

Personalised medicine or precision medicine is a growing approach to healthcare and its strengths lie in tailoring a strategy either in prevention or treatment of diseases for an individual.  Treatments are designed around the individual’s specific characteristics such as genetic makeup, metabolic compatibility and disease stage.

Matt De Silva founded Notable Labs in 2014. Frustrated when his own father’s generic treatment for brain cancer offered little hope he was inspired towards technology to advance approaches for cancer care.  His hope, to find FDA-approved non-brain cancer drugs that could be prescribed immediately by connecting the data and research to determine which medications would work.  By embracing Industry 4.0 Notable uses a clinically validated AI platform together with lab automation to determine the specific drug regime for specific cancer types and predicting a patient’s response to certain drugs.  And the result? Notable cite in their recent press release that they are able to predict which types of drugs they will respond to in as little as 5 days and so help to inform clinical decisions quickly in the race against time and to improve overall clinical trial outcomes. Indeed, in one clinical trial Notable claim an overall efficiency of 84% accuracy in predicting which patients would respond to drugs or combinations of drugs.

Up to now, working on blood cancers, Notable’s approach is rapidly advancing drug development at a fraction of the cost of financing drugs from the ground up.  It allows clinicians to enrol patients on the clinical trials best suited to them.

With the announcement of $40M USD series B funding Notable therefore plans to expand their platform into new cancer types for personalised oncology treatements.  It is hoped this will offer new hope in particular to patient’s with aggressive forms of cancer where current treatment regimes may offer little hope. For more information follow the link to the press release.