About Us

BioTechScope is a news and editorial platform that focuses on the pioneering areas of Synthetic and Digital Biology.  We believe these both hold the promise to playing a key role in defining the future state of scientific understanding and translation.

Life Science is our passion; constantly evolving and always at the forefront of enhancing, shaping and changing our lives and, as we look for more precisely controlled research models that will translate into the clinic and for quicker, more precise diagnoses and treatments; science and its application becomes a beacon of opportunity and it’s here that BioTechScope delivers! Our belief is that, at the heart of every scientific breakthrough, lies the promise of opportunity whether scientific, translational, or commercial & it is here that we will present breakthroughs and developments to you, along with our own aspiring narrative & insights.

As we see it, Synthetic Biology and Digital Biology are currently two of the most exhilarating areas of life science, where seemingly only our imagination can limit us and where ideas are being recapitulated with precision and synthesised into life as we have designed it. It is across these two areas that we deliver to our global readers breaking news, articles and expert opinions.  Whether you wish to browse the website or subscribe to our regular newsletters let your imagination run wild.  Alternatively, enjoy our interactive maps where you can find companies around the globe specialising in Digital and Synthetic Biology.