Spire Health announces launch of research platform for clinical trials

Date: 19th March 2019

The ability to identify and predict health events in patients is becoming a critical healthcare tool.  It allows early intervention, preventative care and in many cases averts hospital admissions. One area of increasing use to identify early biological indicators of this is live, continuous monitoring and, for example, in diabetic patients, the advent of live blood glucose monitoring has reduced hospital admissions, comorbid conditions and morbidity, saving hundreds of dollars per patient in hospital costs, increasing quality of life and allowing the patient to regain control of their condition and its management.

Limitations to live, continuous monitoring, however, include the location of the monitoring device, which is typically on the wrist and which can limit the extent to which biodata can be captured in, for example the lungs and heart; and in addition to this the availability of so-called longitudinal datasets can be limiting; that is getting access to datasets tracking the same type of information on multiple individuals over a period of time.

Now, Spire Health, a California-based company specialising in respiratory and ambulatory monitoring,  have announced the launch of their research platform that will enable researchers to monitor remotely participants wearing Spire Health tags; wearable devices which attach to the inside of undergarments without adhering to the skin and from which reportedly more accurate & broader data sets can be obtained. The launch of this platform means that researchers will have access to a wide cohort of patients and their corresponding data sets.

Access more information and the press statement here.