Endpoint Health launch with AI-driven targetted therapy

Endpoint Health launch with AI-driven solutions

Date: 14th July 2020

Endpoint Health launched yesterday with a mission to bring targetted therapies to life-threathening conditions such as sepsis and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)  – including COVID-19.  Sepsis and ARDS are associated with the majority of US hospital mortality, and cause more global deaths each year than cancer.  However, these critical illnesses currently lack FDA approved therapies.

Endpoint Health, based in Palo Alto, US, combines molecular and digital patient data, such a diagnostic blood tests, with an artificial intelligence-based software platform to create comprehensive therapeutics models. The models are then used to identify late-stage and on-market therapies that Endpoint can develop into targetted therapies. Endpoint aim to file applications with the FDA at the beginning of 2021 and will initially focus on sepsis and ARDS.

The executive team of Endpoint Health are no strangers to launching a successful start-up company.  Several of the team co-founded GeneWeave in 2010, a diagnostic company focused on detecting and guiding antibiotic choice for hospital infections.  It was acquired five years later by Roche in a deal valued at $425 million.

Endpoint Health has received $12 million in debt and equity financing led by Mayfield, a global venture capital firm, together with Y Combinator, AME Cloud Ventures and Wireframe Ventures.

Endpoint’s vision is to empower clinicians with an array of approved therapeutic solutions that can be targetted to each unique patient to improve clinical outcomes.

We are currently seeing an increasing use of AI-driven solutions to fulfill many of our unmet clinical needs.  It has been a powerful driver for COVID-19 solutions from drug discovery and repurposing, to epidemiology, AI-bots and screening platforms.  It is also becoming a powerful tool for diagnostics, in many cases outperforming the experts.  AI is even designing new lifeforms in the hope to radicalise healthcare.  It is hoped that Endpoint’s AI-driven comprehensive approach will transform the way clinicians predict, diagnose and treat critical illness.


For more information please see the press release or find the company on our digital biology map.