Augmented intelligence company, PercayAI, launches in drug discovery

AI accelerates drug discovery

Date: 11th October 2019

The digital age of medicine is well underway, and whilst scientists are embracing the technology in their everyday work, companies are also starting to see the rapid advancements such tech can bring to the commercial world.

With the likes of Novartis and Microsoft amalgamating their expertise in life science and artificial intelligence to drive drug discovery, Hansoh Pharma and Atomwise also entering into a partnership to apply AI to drug discovery, and Exscientia and Celgene entering a three-year AI drug discovery partnership, AI is becoming big news and is establishing itself as a must have tool in the drug discovery industry.

Yesterday we saw a new player enter the market, with the announcement of the launch of PercayAI, an augmented intelligence software company.

The American investment firm, Kingdom Capital, has collaborated with Washington University School of Medicine to bring PercayAI to life, with the aim to help researchers develop new drugs more quickly and successfully.

PercayAI brings COMPBIO™ to market.  A software that allows scientists to save time and resources by enabling the rapid generation of testable hypotheses from complex datasets. COMPBIO™ uses a combination of contextual language and AI to organise and prioritise data it deems relevant in a contextual manner, in effect mimicking the thought process of the biological expert.

Continued advancement of the CompBio platform will be ongoing, and is hoped the platform will allow the scaling of tasks well beyond that of normal human limitations.  In a reiterative feedback loop of learning, between human and machine, the power and potential of system will be truly realised.

For more information please read the press release.